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NEC thermal scans at HQ entrance for flu carriers

NEC software
NEC is keeping close tabs on anyone entering its HQ

We know it's the season for colds and flu to stop the spread of goodwill to all men, but we were more than a little shocked by the lengths one tech company is going to in order to halt the march of the germs.

Arriving at NEC's Tokyo headquarters the other day, we were forced to run the gauntlet of an infrared scanning machine that measures the temperature of anyone entering the building.

In the red

The infrared thermography system produces a visual display of the entire body, with the coolest areas in black and white and anything at 38˚C or higher in red.

Should anyone hit the magic 38 mark, they'll be pulled aside by a vigilant flu patrol and checked again with a more traditional thermometer.

If they really do have a fever, they can be asked to wear a mask while in the building or, presumably, carted off to an isolation ward if it's something really nasty.