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Guy injects RFID chip into his hand

RFID in the palm of your hand... literally
RFID in the palm of your hand... literally

A chap from (we think) the US has posted a YouTube video of him being injected with an RFID chip, allowing him to open his gun safe by waving his palm in front of it.

Apparently done to both show off the possibilities of technology and allowing him quick access to his gun safe, 'Quethe' says he can remove his gun in total darkness easily.

We think coating his eyeballs in night-vision liquid would have been cooler.

Largest needle ever

Anyway, the needle he uses to inject himself is the largest we've ever seen inserted into a body, and he put a chip in from "supplies bought on the internet", which we hope he washed first.

Anyway, his final statement on the subject is: "I am not offering advice or giving instruction. I do not recommend this and am not liable. This video is for information only."

On a video called 'RFID Implantation in hand Do it Yourself'. Hmm...

Anyway, check out the video to see if it's something you'd like to do in the future. We're thinking of using it as an Oyster Card and looking like wizards on the underground on the way to work.