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Nuance CEO predicts cross-platform virtual assistants within 2 years

Siri TV virtual assistant
Where will virtual assistants go next?

Current virtual assistants like Apple's Siri and Google Now are far from perfect, but they could evolve within the next two years to be something much greater.

Nuance CEO Paul Ricci predicted at the D11 conference this week that virtual assistants will be lending a hand across multiple platforms and mediums, providing full control of everything from phones to TVs, within two years.

"I think we will see virtual assistants within two years that are quite robust," Ricci said.

"I also believe that within two years we will see that virtual assistants will work across platforms."

Nuanced control

Nuance is the company behind the Dragon dictation and speech recognition software.

Last year it debuted a virtual assistant SDK for iOS and Android called Nina that can recognize individual users by their voice.

The U.S. company is also involved with Siri, Samsung's S Voice, similar technology on HTC phones, and Amazon.

It is also working on in-car speech recognition systems, Ricci revealed.

"The car does need work but the problem must be solved," he said.

Via All Things D