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Diamond Wire promises to revolutionize data transfer in computers

Diamond wire could connect networks
Researchers discover the merits of diamond networks

Researchers at Ohio State University have worked out that diamond wires are better electrical conductors than most metallic cables (but not in the traditional way).

The researchers discovered that diamonds are better able to transmit the magnetic effect of electrons "spin" through the wires.

They found that diamond's core properties (hardness, insulation, transparency, acid resistance, inertness) make it a truly viable candidate for use in spintronics-based networking.

Pricey and chilly

Of course, the downside is diamond cabling is pricey. The diamond used in the experiment by the researchers was synthetic, which was cheaper.

In the short term, it might be building diamond transistors which are the next step towards getting the sort of results they aspire to.

What the research worked out was that diamond can transport magnetic spin in an organized way, preserving spin state and, thus, preserving information.

The wire had to be cooled to -452 degrees Fahrenheit - just above absolute zero - so that they could slow down the spins to see them.

Apparently, it will take a lot of work to get the wires to work at room temperature which will mean we are unlikely to need to splash out for this technology for many years.

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