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Bionic eye man gets camera fitted

Rob Spence is working on building a camera into his right eye socket

Already this week we've had news of one of the world's first bionic eyes, so we probably shouldn't be too surprised to hear about an artificial eyeball that's actually a video camera.

The amazing device belongs to a Canadian filmmaker who will be using the 'Eyeborg' camera to make a documentary film about the perils of surveillance cameras.

Gun accident

Rob Spence, who lost his right eye in a gun accident as a child, intends to raise awareness of the nature of constantly being watched. He cites the fact that there are 12,000 CCTV cameras in his home city of Toronto.

He explained: "The whole idea was to do a documentary about surveillance. I thought I would become a sort of super hero... fighting for justice against surveillance."

Not too candid camera

His daring does have its limits, however, as he pointed out: "I don't want to go into a locker room. I don't want to show the world me going to the bathroom either... I'm not a life-caster and I don't plan to be one."