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Brits are world's second biggest gadget buyers

Britain and gadgets...we love them more than anyone else (except the US)
Britain and gadgets...we love them more than anyone else (except the US)

Statistics from market-stat-researching-monitoring firm Euromonitor have revealed the credit crunch hasn't stopped Brits from splashing out on that big screen TV or PS3. We're the world's second biggest gadget buyers.

Register Hardware has brought the news that, despite lagging £57 billion behind the US in terms of overall spend (£24 billion compared to £81bn for our stateside buddies), the UK is leagues ahead of the rest of Europe in terms of gadget love.

Ahead of the rest

Germany (£15bn), France (£15bn) and Russia (£13bn) were the closest rivals, but clearly were more interested in investing in other things... perhaps food or other less essential items than a new 1080p projector or the latest DS game.

For some reason, these figures don't even include mobile phone sales. This contrast with our European cousins would be even starker if they were included as the Brits love for smartphones makes the UK one of the biggest markets for Apple's iPhone 3G,

But luckily the important things in life haven't been forgotten: £34bn was spent on tobacco and alcohol in the last year as well. Good to see priorities are well organised in the UK.