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Nick Nolte: 3D TV will cause psychotic states

Nick Nolte: 3D causes psychotic states
Soon after this photo was taken the spider turned into an emotionless killer

Actor Nick Nolte has claimed that 3D technology causes 'psychotic breaks' in an odd rant at the launch of his new television show.

While most of the chat at the Television Critics Association event was reserved for the growing trend to move from film to TV for major players, Nolte reserved a little bile for 3D.

"3D disconnects the eyeball, the lenses from the brain," said Nolte, according to the Hollywood Reporter. "It's like the brain itself is creating the hallucination of 3D...

"They're going to find out six hours of 3D TV will cause psychotic breaks. Australia is doing the research. I can just tell you that."


Nolte's new show, Luck, is a key arrival to our television screens, not least because some of the biggest names in film are attached, including Dustin Hoffman, writer/producer David Milch, director/producer Michael Mann and Nolte.

Nolte is by no means the first to level criticism at 3D, although few have been quite so strident in their opinions.

We're now all a bit concerned that we will see the rise of the jibbering madman with gimlet eyes hidden behind 3D glasses –although that does give us an idea for a film. Any ideas about the leading man?