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EC man backs Microsoft's 'modular' approach

IE8 - switched off
IE8 - switched off

The former European Commission trustee that monitored Microsoft has backed the company's plan to allow people who buy Windows 7 to turn off many of its features.

Praising the company's decision to make the changes 'off their own bat' Professor Barret, whose role monitoring the company has recently been ended, believes that a modular approach is good news for everyone.

"Microsoft did this off their own bat," Professor Barret told the BBC.

"From their perspective, making the operating system modular is a good thing. For competitors, this will allow them to compete on all fronts.

"It also benefits European Commission monitoring, as this will give them a clear understanding of what would be needed in the future should other firms fall foul of anti-trust laws."

Turned off

Microsoft revealed that it would be making it much easier to turn off several features in a blog post last week.

Some of the features that can be switched off by the user, and replaced with third-party programs, include Windows Media functionality – which caused huge problems for the company with the EC back in 2004 and Internet Explorer which is the cause of a current investigation.