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Apple App Store gets UK price hike

Apple's App Store price hike - no fair!
Apple's App Store price hike - no fair!

Apple has increased the prices of iOS apps and games in its UK App Store, despite US pricing staying the same.

App Store pricing is set by a tier system, so when developers submit an app to the store, they pick a tier for which prices are set across each territory.

So the lowest-priced tier, let's call it Tier A, used to be 59p in the UK and 99c in the US; now Tier A has become 69p in the UK whereas it remains at 99c in the US - no doubt Apple is loath to break that psychological $1 barrier.

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But here in the UK, we're stuck with a 17 per cent increase on the cheapest apps, presumably in line with changing markets and other business-led shenanigans.

£3.99 apps saw the biggest leap in pricing, up by 25 per cent – that's one whole pound – to £4.99. Meanwhile apps priced £2.99 haven't changed at all.

Some countries, however, have seen prices go down thanks to the reshuffle; lucky old them, eh?

Our colleagues over at Tap! Magazine have put together a handy chart of the app prices, UK old and new as well as the US baseline; worth a look if you're as annoyed as we are at the stealth price hikes.

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