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Over half UK households will have DAB by 2010

Over half of UK households will have a DAB radio by 2010

The Digital Radio Development Bureau (DRDB) predicts that over half of UK households will have a radio capable of receiving digital broadcasts by 2010.

Sales this year are around the two million mark so far (equal to a 13.9 per cent market penetration). This is estimated to rise to 40 per cent in 2009, topping 50 per cent by 2010.

Ian Dickens, CEO of the DRDB, said: "Over the past four years, we have seen a dramatic rise in the number of DAB digital radio sets available to consumers and there are now around 300 different models available, from all the leading consumer electronic brands.

"Having established a firm product base in the traditional radio market, our aim is to ensure DAB digital radio is also available across a broader range of devices as digital convergence continues. To meet these needs, DAB digital radio must be included in new multi-purpose devices and the good news is that the first such products are already hitting the streets." Anna Lagerkvist