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In pictures: Asus N950 e-reader

Asus N950 eReader - looking good
Asus N950 eReader - looking good

Pictures have surfaced of the Asus DR-950 touchscreen e-reader – with the Kindle-killer hoping to lure people in with a 9 inch, 1024x768 screen.

The e-reader has 2-4GB of storage, which equates to significantly more books than you could possibly read on a long-haul flight, and it is apparently a shade under 9mm thick.

It's black and white – but can cope with HTML and has a web browser – a major bonus for those who like a bit of surfing when they can't get into the latest Stephen King novel.

Intriguingly, it also offers text-to-speech and all the connectivity you could shake a wireless stick at.

Asus n950 ereader

Asus n950 ereader - held

Asus n950 ereader - thinner than an iphone