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Acer may debut its first wearable tomorrow amidst smartband rumors

Acer smartband
Running out of arm room for wearables

There are two types of wrist-worn wearables these days, smartbands and smartwatches, and Acer is reportedly adding its name to the smartband list soon.

To stand out from the fitness-focused competition, Acer's smartband may launch in partnership with local hospitals and gyms, according to The China Post.

The metrics collected by its sensors, whether it's activity and sleep quality, could be valuable to everyone from doctors and personal trainers.

Acer is said to be looking to build an ecosystem for several wearables devices. Its first smartband is said to include a small screen and the ability to pair with handsets.

Press conference tomorrow

The Acer smartband is reportedly being prepped for launch in mid-2014, though we should find out the first details tomorrow.

"We have a press conference planned for tomorrow," an Acer spokesperson told TechRadar when we asked about today's report. "Announcements will go live [Tuesday] 11 am Eastern."

The timing is right if Acer wants get out ahead of the rumored Apple iWatch and the promising Android Wear-powered Moto 360. Both are expected to show up this summer.

The stylish Samsung Gear Fit just launched with the world's first curved Super AMOLED and it has a price of $199/£180 (about AU$212).

Acer has a long history of being more budget-friendly than its competition in other product categories. We'll know what price and feature advantages it has to offer in less than 24 hours.

Matt Swider

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