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Lomo reveals leather spinner camera

Lomo Spinner camera
The Lomo Spinner is now available in leather

Lomography has released a leather version of its Spinner 360 degree camera.

The Spinner allows for 360 degree panoramic shots to be captured on 35mm film. The new version is wrapped in fine Italian Toledo leather, along with a geometric network pattern in winter white.

Set in motion by pulling the trigger cord, the rubber band inside the Spinner lets the camera revolve 360 degrees on its grip.

The lens is a 25mm fixed length wide-angle lens, while a standard roll of 36 exposure film can capture approximately 8 shots. The Spinner also exposes images all the way up to the sprocket holes on the film. Featuring two aperture settings, f/8 and f/16, for shooting in different weather conditions, the camera is best suited to 400 ASA 35mm.

Shooting styles

To celebrate the launch of the camera, Lomo has developed several suggestions for shooting creative pictures with the Spinner, including the "Rollercoaster", which involves holding the camera at a slant, rather than horizontally, to produce images with "wavelike" perspectives. Another is the "Footloose" style, or uses the camera upside down.

Lomography is a global company producing analogue cameras that are characterised by plastic construction, light leaks, soft images and so on. The Spinner was announced in 2010, and sits alongside other inventively named cameras such as the Sprocket Rocket and La Sardina.

The Lomography Spinner Leather Edition UK price is £119, and is available now.