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Skype: set up your own premium rate chatline

Naturally, there will be those wishing to use Skype Prime for unscrupulous services...

In a move unlikely to wave goodbye to annoying late night adverts for premium rate singles lines, Skype 's latest Beta enables you to set up your own chatline, helpline or advice line - and charge people to call you.

The new service is called Skype Prime. Naturally, there will be those wishing to use Prime for unscrupulous services, but if Skype can make some cash out of it, we doubt it'll mind too much. Skype Prime enables paid Skype-to-Skype voice and video calls. You're able to charge other people for calling you either a one-off fee or by the minute.

Skype company blogger Jaanus Kase picks up the story: "Conversely, if you are the caller, you can call experts who charge for their services, and you can then pay the fee and access the expertise that the other call party provides.

"I'm sure it will enable a whole new range of businesses," says Kase. So are we Jaanus, so are we...

Skype 3.1 Beta also includes the usual bug fixes and tweaks to functionality. Yesterday we reported that Skype has reached the 500 million download mark, with 171 million registered users.


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