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HTC Evo to be Desire HD in UK?

The HTC Desire to get HD overhaul?
The HTC Desire to get HD overhaul?

Nothing sets up a Friday morning better than an unsubstantiated HTC rumour, and this is a stonker: the rumoured HTC Evo will actually be the HTC Desire HD.

The phone will have a similar spec list to the HTC Desire, but with a few rather attractive upgrades.

The new handset will record HD video through the new 8MP camera, and will have a similar aluminium unibody design to the HTC Legend.

Like the HTC Evo in the US, the HTC Desire HD will also have a massive 4.3-inch display, whether OLED or fancypants LCD, with WVGA resolution.

HTC: the next generation

Other little upgrades include SRS surround sound and automatic face tracking, with 4GB of internal memory and an ebook reader.

This is very, very much a rumour at the moment, with insider information site Super E-trader the one leaking the 'news' of the new device.

You'd have to question whether HTC would cannibalise the Desire brand name so early on as well - bringing out an HD version would consign the original handset to the scrapheap unless it gets a massive price reduction.

However, we want to see the HTC Evo over in the UK as a really high-end device, so fingers crossed there's more than a hint of truth here.

Via Unwired View