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Free augmented reality app for iPhone to launch

Worksnug - finding you places to avoid actually having to work
Worksnug - finding you places to avoid actually having to work

A new augmented reality application from Worksnug is aiming to be the first free program of its kind for the UK on the iPhone App Store.

The app uses the compass, camera and GPS to locate the user (which means its sadly only available on the iPhone 3GS), and the overlays information about nearby venues for mobile working.

However, it will also be available on the Android platform in the near future.

Richard Leyland, founder of Worksnug, and a team of three others have made 200 trips into London to assess the venues, and given each a score based on availability of Wi-Fi, power sockets and the like.

TechRadar had a hands on with the new application earlier today, and were fairly impressed with what we saw.

Stack attack

It stacks the venues in order of proximity, and even tells you if the place has free Wi-Fi or not.

Leyland told us that he's made the application, which has been developed with backing from Plantronics, free to download as he wants to create a community for user generated content.

That way more places can be added and reviewed right from the phone (with the user able to Tweet their location or email a review directly to the Worksnug team).

Leyland also said he hopes to roll the application out to San Francisco in the near future, with more cities coming on board soon after that.

If you want to see the application in action, head on over to It might not be for you, but we can't help thinking augmented reality is just too darn cool to miss these days.