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Android 2.1 upgrade for Xperia X10 coming Q4?

The X10 set to stay the same for six months
The X10 set to stay the same for six months

Sony Ericsson has announced that it will be upgrading its new Android family to the latest OS version - in Q4 2010.

This means we could be waiting until Christmas to see the Xperia X10, Xperia X10 Mini and the Xperia X10 Mini Pro rocking Android 2.1/Éclair.

Which is all the more annoying because by then most phones will be running Android 2.2/Froyo, and there could even be another upgrade on the scene by then too.

But, Sony Ericsson is promising treats for making you wait, in the shape of 720p HD video recording (the same as the Vivaz) and also the ability to connect to home networks with DLNA for the big Xperia X10.

Another smaller upgrade will be appearing in the next two weeks for the X10 as well, although Sony Ericsson wasn't clear about what this will be.

Keeping it together

When we spoke to the brand, we were told the decision to roll with Android 1.6 was about stability, making sure that the platform works well before getting up to the latest Android version.

However, in our tests, the phone wasn't the most stable anyway - which makes us wonder how bad it would have been if 2.1 had come out the box.

At least Sony Ericsson notes this on its blog: "I do appreciate that the timing for the upgrade above might not meet some of your expectations and that you will have further detailed questions.

"I will take them onboard reading your comments and address questions as soon as it is possible for me to share further details."

From Sony Ericsson via Engadget

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