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OnePlus 5G phone release date confirmed as Q2 2019

Image Credit: TechRadar

The OnePlus 5G phone release date has been revealed as Q2 2019, which places the on sale date somewhere between April and June this year.

Finnish carrier Elisa confirmed the news, saying it "will launch the OnePlus 5G phone later this year" after OnePlus releases the phone "in the second quarter of this year."

The statement comes as OnePlus prepares to showcase its 5G prototype phone during MWC 2019 which kicks off from February 25.

The telecommunications company has already established a 5G network in places like Tampere, Jyväskylä, Turku and Helsinki, and it's now working towards making other parts of Finland 5G-ready.

Changing the lives of people

On collaboration with Elisa, OnePlus CEO, Pete Lau said [translated], "5G means enormous reform. It changes not only the technology industry but also the lives of people everywhere, whether it is gaming, healthcare or the use of augmented reality. 

With 5G, users will be able to experience faster Internet speeds, low latency, and even cloud gaming. 

The OnePlus 5G prototype phone will be shown off at the Qualcomm booth during MWC 2019 and will be reporting live from the show in Barcelona, Spain to bring you all the latest on this and all the other announcements.