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Toshiba unveils 250GB notebook storage kit

The New Toshiba hard drive option

Toshiba on Tuesday announced that it has found an increasing reliance on the part of consumers for better notebook storage options. It has decided to unveil a new line of internal drives for the do-it-yourself side in all of us.

The 2.5-inch internal HDD kit allows users of easily upgradeable laptops with a Serial ATA connector to replace their standard hard disk with a larger Toshiba model. Even better, the Toshiba product should be easier to use and will not require the use of kits typically used only by professional system builders.

Professional shock protection

In fact, the Toshiba kit includes the same shock protection and native command queuing found in the latest professional drives. The company intends to release the notebook kit immediately for $80 (£39) to $190 (£92), for a 80GB or 250GB drive, respectively.

Not to be outdone, the company also announced an upgrade of its current USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive line. According to Toshiba, the new version will offer 250GB of storage and spin at speeds of 5400RPM. It will include NTI Shadow backup software and ship for $190.