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MacBook Pros now freeze with display problem

Apple's Santa-Rosa based MacBook Pros are also now suffering 'freezing' problems, triggered when the laptop is hooked up to an external display

Last week we told you about screen freeze problems some iMac owners are experiencing with their brand new machines - and Apple's response to them. Well, it seems MacBook Pro laptop users are affected too.

The problem chiefly seems to affect the latest MacBook Pros equipped with Intel's Santa Rosa platform (dubbed Centrino Pro in Wintel land). It is caused whenever the MacBook Pro is connected to an external display such as a projector or monitor.

Affected MacBook Pros appear to completely lock up, with a forced restart being one of the only ways out of the problem. Again this looks like a graphics problem to us - just like the iMac one.

There are already dozens of posts on Apple's Discussion Forums on the subject.

It just works?

The problems affecting the iMac and MacBook Pro are all the more ironic given Apple's marketing puff, which claims that Macs never crash:

"Your toaster doesn't crash. Your kitchen sink doesn't crash. Why should your computer? Think of the countless hours you would save if your PC worked on your time — not the other way around. Then think about a Mac."

Please contact us if you're experiencing similar issues.