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Social networking dooms tennis players

Two young tennis players have apparently been suspended due to "unprofessional" pictures on Bebo

The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) has reportedly suspended two of Britain's most promising tennis players for alleged "unprofessional behaviour".

BBC Sport writes that the LTA took action against the tennis juniors "after being alerted to photos and confessions on the Bebo social networking website."

It's the latest example of how employers are starting to judge the attitude and lifestyle of their employees by looking at personal photos on sites such as Bebo, Facebook and MySpace.

"They were found to be publicising a lifestyle of partying, drinking and eating junk food," said BBC Sport. It's not a crime for most teenagers, but this photographic evidence doomed the two teenage athletes who were receiving coaching and funding from the LTA.

It's not the first time that young social networkers have found themselves the victims of their own self-publicity. Oxford University fined students for putting over-exuberant photos on Facebook after their final exams.