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UK to get Miramax Facebook film rental app today

UK to get Miramax Facebook film rental app today
Pulp Fiction - moving with the times

Miramax is set to become the latest film studio to flog its blockbusters on Facebook, with a movie rental app to land on the social network later today.

You'll even be able to watch the movies on an iPad through a browser-based player, with Miramax suggesting that a stand alone iPad app could also be on the cards.

Miramax eXperience will land with 10 films available to rent throughout September, each costing 30 Facebook credits in the UK and Turkey.

Those lucky blighters in the US will have 20 titles to choose between, but we're just happy that the UK is getting a first bite of the cherry; France and Germany are next on the eXperience (groan) hit list.


We'll be able to watch Chicago, Cold Mountain, Good Will Hunting and that modern-day classic Spy Kids on Facebook in the UK, among others.

We're denied the additional bonus of US-only classics like No Country for Old Men and Pulp Fiction due to rights issues.

Other film studios have also tried using Facebook for film rentals. For example, Warner Bros released The Dark Knight on the social networking site as a one off earlier this year.

But Miramax is playing the long game and exploiting Facebook's access to 750 million active consumers as an ongoing project: "We wanted to fish where the fish are. We could have created the most robust in the world and other than my family members, who would be there?" explained Miramax CEO Mike Lang in an interview with PaidContent.

As well as movie-watching, the Miramax eXperience offers a social gaming element whereby users can cast their Facebook friends in various Miramax movies, unlocking bonus content as they play.

It'll be interesting to see if Facebook can begin luring users away from established VOD sites like LoveFilm – but with such a limited catalogue to be getting on with, we suspect not.

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