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Microsoft delight as IE market share increases

IE8 - performing admirably
IE8 - performing admirably

Microsoft has reacted with delight to the latest browser share figures from Net Applications, with Internet Explorer displaying a small growth whilst rivals fell away.

Net Applications' market share figure suggested that all versions of IE made a gain in the market of 0.42 per cent, with Firefox losing nearly one per cent and Chrome experiencing a tiny fall of 0.08 per cent.

In truth the movement is small, but will be hugely encouraging to Microsoft, especially ahead of the release of IE9, which could well represent the company's most competitive browser for years.

IE8 growth

"Most interesting is the fact that Internet Explorer 8 continues to be the fastest growing browser with a 0.98% increase worldwide in July – and now represents more than 30% of browser usage worldwide," blogged Microosft's IE chief Ryan Gavin

"In the US, Internet Explorer 8 picked up share for the third month in a row.

"Ultimately, we know customers have a choice when it comes to the browser they use, and that choice has a lot to do with the good work that developers and our partners do to build a better web with Internet Explorer."