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Financial Times cuts out the App Store

The FT reckons its better off on its own

The Financial Times has announced a new browser-optimised subscription app for the iPad and iPhone, hence denying Apple the share it receives from an App Store-based offering.

The FT is instead opting for a HTML5-based site that will offer a "true cross-platform experience."

This will mean that the newspaper no longer has to give up a 30 per cent cut of everything it makes as it currently does with the App Store offering.

The FT has decided that it'd rather keep the 100 per cent of the takings and risk losing potential readers by missing out on the ease of downloads and simple payment plans users enjoy through iTunes.

App Store revolt

The paper says it plans to keep its current App Store app open until June 30th, which is the date Apple has set publishers to adhere to its guidelines. After that the FT says its appmay be blocked.

The FT is the second major publication to go down this route. Last month Playboy launched the website in order to swerve the App Store's stringent ban on adult content.

The 30 per cent cut that Apple takes has long been a point of contention for publishers. Is this the first signs of a revolt against the App Store?