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British teen arrested over LulzSec hacks

The authorities are going after hacking groups in a big way

A 19-year-old British man has been arrested by police on suspicion of involvement with the LulzSec hacking group.

Ryan Cleary, from Wickford in Essex, was taken into custody by police following a "pre-planned intelligence operation" by the Metropolitan Police and the FBI.

Police say they have seized a "significant amount" of amount of material from his home address, which is now being investigated by a computer forensics team.

Unholy alliance

LulzSec is believed to be responsible for a host of high profile attacks on establishment websites such as the NHS, the US Senate and, more recently, the web presence of the UK's Organised Crime Agency.

Only yesterday LulzSec announced an unholy alliance with fellow hacking group Anonymous, with the groups planning to launch a joint attack on the websites of banks and government agencies.

Lulz and Anonymous also encouraged the leaking of classified documents.

LulzSec admitted on its Twitter page that Cleary housed some legitimate forums on his servers, but that this was the only link there was between the teen and the hacking collective.