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4chan targets MPAA, RIAA and Aiplex with DDoS attacks

4chan targets the anti-pirates
4chan targets the anti-pirates

4chan has been up to its old tricks again and has delivered a DDoS attack on the official website for the MPAA (Motion Picture of America Association) and Aiplex, a company which recently admitted it uses denial-of-service attacks to take down torrent sites.

TechRadar reported on Aiplex's denial-of-service confession earlier this month.

Obviously not happy with the way Aiplex is targeting torrent sites or how the MPAA is tackling movie piracy, mambers of 4chan were invited to use its 'Low Orbit Ion Cannon' on 17 September to target Aiplex and the

The scheduled attack was fittingly called Operation Payback.

Target practice

The attacks worked, according to TorrentFreak, who notes that both sites were taken down and it was only until the MPAA moved to a new IP address that it managed to get its site up and running again.

Just yesterday, Operation Payback continued with the website of the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) successfully targeted.

Via Torrent Freak