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22 billion web-connected devices 'by 2020'

World being swallowed up by the web
World being swallowed up by the web

There will be 22 billion web-connected devices in the world by 2020, according to a new study by IMS Research, with internet connectivity set to surge.

At the moment, the number of web-enabled devices resides at around 5 billion.

In 10 years, this is set to quadruple as 2.5 billion TVs get web connected and 1.1 billion cars jack into the internet.

Couple this with the number of computers already hooked up to the web, the abundance of internet-savvy mobile handsets and myriad other devices such as digital picture frames which use Wi-Fi and it seems the world will have a network to rival that of Skynet.

Metal machine music

According to the research, the growth may well be even more explosive if you take into account 'machine-to-machine' systems.

Add smart grids, networked security cameras and things like fridges into the equation and the wonderful world of the web looks to become all dominant.

Earlier this month, it was found that machines were overtaking humans in subscribing to AT&T and Verizon networks in the US.

Now if that doesn't scare you into becoming a luddite, we don't know what will.

Via ReadWriteWeb