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New wireless Xbox 360 skateboard controller

Qmotions current wired skate controller

Microsoft is partnering with third party peripherals company Qmotions to produce a new range of wireless controllers for Xbox 360.

Fans of EA’s Skate or Activision’s Tony Hawks series of games in particular will be intrigued to know that Qmotions plans to launch a wireless skateboard controller for Xbox 360.

No news yet on other planned controllers. Qmotions currently produce a baseball bat, golf club and the 'Fun Fitness' exercise bike controllers

No word on pricing or UK availability yet.

TechRadar spoke with EA reps this morning, who were as intrigued by the news as we were. Expect to be hearing more on Qmotions wireless gaming controllers and, hopefully, more on EA’s follow up to last year’s superb Skate in the coming weeks.