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Logitech unveils 'world's fastest' gaming mouse, the G402 Hyperion Fury

Well it LOOKS fast

Fusion engine. Eight programmable buttons. Four on the fly DPI settings. To a lot of you this will mean nothing. But to any FPS fan worth their salt, these are sweet harmonies from heaven itself.

This, folks, is Logtiech's latest gaming mouse, which it touts as the "world's fastest". And with a name like the G402 Hyperion Fury, how could it possibly not be?

Featuring Logiech's "Fusion Engine" sensor technology, the mouse can reliably track over 12 metres per second, while each of the eight buttons have consistent one-millisecond report rate.


There's even an built-in ARM processor to power the Fusion Engine, and a sensitivity scale from 240 DPI to 4000 DPI. And all of your settings will be saved to the device's internal memory.

At £50/$60/around AU$60, it certainly won't break the bank. You can see it flying around and being all badass in the video below. And the big words shake around so you know it's fast.

Hugh Langley

Hugh Langley is the Senior Tech Reporter at Business Insider. He wrote for many magazines and websites including Business Insider, The Telegraph, IGN, Gizmodo, Entrepreneur Magazine, TechRadar, WIRED (UK), TrustedReviews, Business Insider Australia, Business Insider India, Business Insider Singapore and more.