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PlayStation 2 gets connected with online video

In the pink - the PS2 might seriously rival the PS3 in online video

Owners of Sony's PlayStation 3 are well aware of the console's multimedia chops - particularly when it comes to getting online for spot of YouTube stimulation – a feat that leaves older consoles for dust. Until now...

Thanks to US firm BroadQ, even the older PS2 can now do the same trick and access the vast library of video content that's available online.

Radio too

That includes video sites like YouTube and Revver or audio in any of the MP3, WMA, WAV and AAC formats, so 'net radio is a definite starter.

This tech miracle goes by the name of Qtv and will cost $50 (£25) when it goes on sale toward the autumn. Best of all, the software supports both PAL and NTSC TV standards, so a worldwide release is likely.

720p HD TV

Qtv's supported resolution goes all the way up to 720p and the supported formats are FLV, MPEG-2, DivX and H.264. Naturally, non-networked PS2s can sup their multimedia hit from any USB-connected storage.

As well as music and video, the service can also connect the PS2 to shopping, auction, and gaming sites, as well as provide personalised weather forecasts based on location.

Considering that over 120 million PS2s have been sold around the world, BroadQ's move seems like a very smart one. We'll be keeping an eye on this for sure.