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5 things you need to know about Wolfenstein: The New Order

"I think it's a tribute to Wolfenstein, but I think it's to a large degree a tribute to the entire catalogue of id. We grew up with the id games. So in a time where those kind of games have disappeared, this is our tribute and our way of bringing back some of that."


4. It tells us a few things about Doom 4

Pre-ordering Wolfenstein will have secured you early access to the Doom 4 beta (whenever Bethesda makes it available). After years of reported development hell, this is a promising sign that the fourth Doom game could be within reaching distance.

Doom 4 will also run on the id Tech 5 engine, so Wolfenstein is probably the closest thing we have to knowing what the game might feel like. And not just Doom 4, but beyond.

"It's certainly an engine that's built to be modular, which means we can continue to enhance all the parts," says Ojerfors. "So I think we will continue using it, absolutely."

But don't expect to see Fallout 4 running on id Tech 5. John Carmack has previously said the engine is only fit for certain types of games, and not open-world games that render large surface areas.


5. There's a companion app

In this day and age, some people believe that putting out an FPS without a multiplayer is a heinous act, but MachineGames has gone against the grain and done just that.

However, there is still a multiplayer dynamic to the game: the companion app.

"[The app] has maps and some information about the extra collectibles you find," says Ojerfors. "You could have a friend next to you helping you out to find your way, finding collectibles."

Ok, it's not really bringing anything new to the table, but Ojerfors sees much more depth in the companion app experience in the future.

"I think there's a lot of room for designers in the future to find how we can use the companion apps in an interesting way," he says. "There's a lot of potential cool stuff to do there still."