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Cinemin Slice: pico projector iPad dock revealed

Pico projectors were very much top of the agenda at CES Unveiled this year, with the Cinemin Slice being the tastiest of the lot.

TechRadar battled through the throngs of journos to snap a few pics of the Cinemin Slice – a dock for your iPad that has DLP pico projector capabilities.

Cinemin slice

Not just a clever name, the Cinemin Slice, by Wowwee, offers 16 ANSI lumens (hardly the brightest we've seen) and will be able to project images at 854 x 480 resolution.

Cinimin slcie

Although this isn't exactly HD quality, it's pretty good for the iPad and fine for projecting a movie from Apple's device.

Cinemin slice

Connections-wise, you have a mini-HDMI and VGA. There are also speakers and a headphone socket , so you can use the Cinemin Slice as a regular dock too.

Cinemin slice

There's no UK release date for the Cinemin Slice or actual pricing but Wowwee has some tasty tidbits of information about the device at

Marc Chacksfield

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