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Pioneer and Buffalo announce 128GB Blu-ray recorders

Pioneer's BDR-206MBK
Pioneer's BDR-206MBK

Both Pioneer and Buffalo have announced Blu-ray recorders that can burn up to 128GB of data onto a single Blu-ray.

The BDXL burners can take on 4 layer BD-R XLs and lay down a huge chunk of your data onto a single disc.

Pioneer's announcement is the more exciting of the two, bringing a firm arrival date of November 2010, although, as you would imagine, there is no mention of a UK release date as yet.

Price less

Price wise, Pioneer has given nothing away with the company's announcement - not including the amount we will have to fork out.

According to the release "the Pioneer drive features excellent recording accuracy, dust resistance and quiet [and] also provides heat dissipation performance."

Buffalo's release is an announcement of the product, but with no pricing or release date included.

However, much higher capacity Blu-ray recorders are now scheduled to make their debuts this year, which means that we should begin to see them in the UK in 2011.