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TDK: HD DVD has no chance in HD war

TDK says Blu-ray is the only player in the HD recording market

TDK executive Jean-Paul Eekhout has said that his company is 100 per cent committed to the Blu-ray Disc format and that he is absolutely certain it will win out over HD DVD. In an interview with, Eekhout spoke about the prospect of TDK releasing recordable HD DVD discs in the future.

"Long before the two HD recordable formats had names, TDK developed core technologies for post-DVD products," said Eekhout. "TDK Corporations' research and development efforts were in fields of material research, manufacturing technologies and hard coating.

"We judged the Blu-ray Disc recordable and rewriteable product concepts to be the superior format in terms of capacity, durability and performance. TDK's core technology aligned very well with the BD-R/RE concepts and there exclusively supports the BD format."

TDK loves Blu-ray

He went on to say: "In our recording media domain, there isn't much of a war going on. Today HD recording is 100 per cent in the hands of the Blu-ray products. The format benefits of BD are undisputable indications that BD-R/RE will in fact be the only format that matters for high-definition recording. In our recordable market segment, capacity, data transfer rate and widest format support guarantees the winning position for BD-R/RE.

"TDK strongly believes that there will be one global winner: Blu-ray Disc!" he said.

As a founding member of the Blu-ray Disc Association, a TDK executive is hardly going to start talking up the benefits of a rival disc format. But, if there was money to be made in the HD DVD recordable market, you would think that TDK would want to get in on the act.

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