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Aftershokz Sportz Titanium bring race-legal headphones at a lower price

Lover of the last letter of the alphabet Aftershokz has unveiled its latest set of bone-conducting headphones, the Sportz Titanium, offering a cheaper (but more wire-filled) way to race legally.

The previous Bluetooth Aftershokz Trekz Titanium have been promoted heavily in the UK as a good way to listen to your music while running in a race - new regulations state that you can't plug in your favourite buds and jog around the course for safety reasons.

By using bone-conducting technology, these headphones don't block your ears but sit just in front, allowing you to hear screams of 'NOT THAT WAY, THAT'S THE CLIFF' while ironically enjoying your favourite Cliff Richard tune.

More for less

The new Sportz Titanium are a more affordable option for the thrifty runner though, bringing the same prowess as the Trekz but with a wire instead of the magical power of Bluetooth, and moving the controls to an inline remote on said cord.

There are two options available: the Sportz Titanium and the Sportz Titanium with mic, and we'll leave you to guess the difference between the two.

Headphone brands still have a lot of work to do in terms of making bone-conducting headsets a viable alternative - beyond their use in letting you run safely (which is a pretty good one, to be fair) they do leak sound badly and aren't always the most comfortable to use.

Aftershokz reckonz it's beaten that issue with PremiumPitch+ sound and Leakslayer technology - however, given the Trekz Titanium models we use are still rather sound-emitting (not a set for the train) we'll have to check these out to really test that theory.

So here's the key question: what's the Aftershokz Sportz Titanium price? Well, the standard model is set for £49.99 and the with-mic choice will come in at £59.95. There will be three colors: Ocean (blue/black), Onyx (all black) and Lava (red/black), but we're still waiting for a release date for these little nuggets.

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