Best wireless flash trigger: 6 top models tested and rated

Best Wireless Flash Trigger: 05 SMDV Flash Wave III Trigger/Receiver Kit

Best Wireless Flash Trigger 05 SMDV Flash Wave III Trigger Receiver Kit

Price: £100, $135
Buy it:
With its beefed-up 180m maximum wireless range, the Flash Wave III really covers the distance. Luxuries include a two-stage release on the transmitter unit and a PC sync socket on the receiver.

Cables are included for triggering studio flash heads via the receiver's PC terminal or 3.5mm mini-jack socket.

It may not be dedicated for use with some cameras, but additional cables are available for connecting the receiver to bodies that have any of the three remote control socket types.

Unlike some competing kits, these cables are not supplied as standard - they must be purchased separately for about £20 each.

Our verdict

Pros… Extra-long range. PC and mini-jack cables included.
Cons… Cables for remote control of compatible cameras need to be bought separately.
WE say… It's a reliable and powerful device, but quite basic in operation for the price.

Score: 3/5

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