Best wireless flash trigger: 6 top models tested and rated

Bring wireless connectivity to your camera and flash. We put six the leading remote trigger systems to the test to see which is the best wireless flash trigger.

Home photo studio accessories: use a wireless flash trigger

You can't beat the simplicity of fixing a flashgun directly to your camera's hotshoe, but this seldom gives the best results. Use the flashgun off-camera and you'll generally get a much more natural lighting effect, especially in portraiture. The easiest way to do this is to buy a remote flash cable. This doesn't come cheap, however.

Another drawback is that because there's a cable connection between the camera and flashgun, your mobility is limited and there's a risk of inadvertently toppling the camera or flashgun if either is mounted on a tripod.

Some DSLRs, for example, like the Nikon D7100, enable you to use the pop-up flash in Commander mode, triggering Nikon Speedlights that have a wireless slave function.

Even so, this is less than ideal and the wireless flash trigger systems tested here work with third-party flashguns and without requiring an unobstructed line of sight.

Best Wireless Flash Trigger: 01 Yongnuo RF-603N

Best Wireless Flash Trigger: 01 Yongnuo RF-603N

Price: £32, $30
Buy it:
Unlike most systems that rely on a transmitter and a receiver, the Yongnuo trigger set contains two identical 'transceivers'.

Each unit automatically switches between transmitter and receiver mode as required.

A bonus feature on this trigger is that if you use the supplied cable to connect whichever unit is attached to the camera's hotshoe to the camera's remote control port as well, you can remotely fire the camera from the two-stage shutter button on the unit attached to the flashgun.

There are various editions to suit whichever remote connector your DSLR uses, and additional cables are available to buy separately.

Our verdict

Pros… Enables remote triggering of the camera, good build quality, bargain price.
Cons… No built-in mount for a tripod or lighting head.
WE say… With its 100m range and easy operation, it's a steal at the price.

Score: 4/5

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