How to update a PS5 controller

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Keeping your PS5 controller up to date is as simple as charging it up. You'll need to keep your controller updated as part of regular console maintenance, in fact. It's quite simple to do so, thankfully, as it's integral to regular console operation. Your PS5 DualSense controller will receive patches to resolve bugs or errors that sometimes crop up, so it's important to make sure you're taking care of this step regularly.

Updating your PS5 controller usually only takes a few minutes each time, and the updates themselves are typically pretty lenient. Much like on Xbox Series X/S, your PS5 DualSense controller will always tell you when it's time for an update automatically, so you don't even have to worry about looking for the perfect time to do so.

It's important to note that, while you'll always be able to update your PS5 controller when the system notifies you, you're unable to trigger a controller update on your own. Instead, your console will automatically prompt an update notification, allowing you to then take the steps necessary to perform the update.

How do you update a PS5 controller, then? It's actually remarkably easy, and if you go by the steps below, you'll be able to tackle each update cycle with no issue.

How to update a PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller

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First, you’ll know when it’s time to update your controller as your console will push an update notifying you that there's a new version of your controller's software. You'll only be able to update your PS5 controller then. If an update isn’t being pushed, your controller is up to date at present. 

When new DualSense firmware is released, you'll receive a notification automatically. If you happen to miss it, or if you don't want to update when the notification pops up, select "Notify After 24 Hours". If you want to proceed, just keep reading. 

Get started by plugging in your controller via USB cable. Unfortunately, you cannot complete the update via wireless connection. Plug the DualSense controller into your console with the USB cable, and then choose “Update Now.” With your PS5 controller plugged into your console, you'll see your "Update Now" button turn white so you can select it. Your update screen will then change to a progress bar as your controller updates. 

Wait a few minutes as your controller completes the update process. Do not unplug your controller or turn off your PS5 console in the meantime. You'll be notified once the update is complete, and your console will return to the main PS5 home screen. Once this has happened, you may unplug your controller from the USB cable and return to using it as you normally would. 

With that done, the update is complete. The next time a new PS5 controller update is available, follow the same steps to ensure your equipment is as up to date as possible.

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