The best Minecraft seeds of 2023

Minecraft with RTX
A landscape shot of Minecraft running with ray-tracing on (Image credit: Mojang)

The best Minecraft seeds add a lot to the overall Minecraft experience in 2023. For the most part, the game is all about exploring wondrous worlds as well as building upon them and creating your own slice of life. 

Type in a seed code and you can load the game into a specific world of wonders. Sure, you could dive into a random seed but players have already found some cool new places to explore with there being a seed for every mood and occasion. 

Crucially, entering a specific seed can lead you to a biome with access to particular resources you might need or want. Alternatively, you could be plunged into a dungeon or a luscious world to simply gaze at. Combined with the best Minecraft shaders, you could have a fairly beautiful experience, all courtesy of the below seeds. There's an endless supply of options here but we've narrowed it down to a few of our favorites.

Spend a little time reading through the best Minecraft seeds for 2023, tap in some seed codes via the Minecraft world selection screen, and in no time, you'll be off on your own Minecraft-flavored adventure.

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The best Minecraft seeds 2023

  • Survival Island Villages: 2218715947278290213
  • Incredible Hollow Mountain: 8486672581758651406
  • Diamond Caves: 4361528937055201680
  • Underwater Temple: 1013382714437321718
  • Submerged Obsidian Farm: 8880302588844065321
  • Fortnite Map: 50774022433
  • Cherry Blossom Biome: 1861965201489179097
  • Mountain valley villages: 460628901
  • Desert Villages: 3546842701776989958
  • Ancient City: 4189766944005904899
  • Villager Spawn: 8015641954194115677
  • All Biomes: 4405134068028
  • Mushroom Newbie: 3832188667730420108

Survival Island Villages

A verdant grassland in Minecraft, dotted with clusters of small villages and farms

(Image credit: Future/Jen Allen)

Seed: 2218715947278290213

For new players, Survival Island Villages is a good starting point. You spawn near a village that has all the resources you could need including a blacksmith. The whole island has four villages and there are mushroom islands nearby too. It's a great introduction without being demanding.

Incredible Hollow Mountain

The inside of a hollow mountain in Minecraft, dotted with yellow lights and stone columns

(Image credit: Future/Jen Allen)

Seed: 8486672581758651406

Spawning inside a huge forest is instantly appealing. It's dark and a bit foreboding but as you move forward, you can make your way to a hollowed-out mountain. From there are mineshafts to check out for resources, and eventually a woodland mansion. Torches are essential here if you want to see what's going on.

Diamond Caves

An expanse of green fields and mountains in Minecraft

(Image credit: Future/Jen Allen)

Seed: 4361528937055201680

Finding diamonds is a key part of Minecraft and this seed offers that while looking great too. Placed near hills and an intricate cave system, you'll soon find plenty of valuable diamonds to mine. Besides diamonds, there's no shortage of copper, dripstone, and other resources. There's an underground village too which is fun to check out.

Underwater Temple

Seed: 1013382714437321718

It's a tough one but this Underwater Temple is a particular delight if you pair it up with a water-improving shader. The temple is full of dangerous enemies but get past that and you also find treasure chests full of rare items. For players looking for the risk/reward factor, it's quite the excursion.

Submerged Obsidian Farm

Minecraft seed location screenshots

(Image credit: Future/Jen Allen)

Seed: 8880302588844065321

Starting out near a village that's partially submerged in water, you'll soon find a ton of obsidian to farm here. The village is useful too even if it lacks a blacksmith, and you won't have to worry too much about major dangers other than a few wolves. Look out for the lava pool.

Fortnite map

Minecraft seed location screenshots

(Image credit: Future/Jen Allen)

Seed: 50774022433

Effectively looking like the Fortnite map, this Minecraft seed combines two hugely popular games in one. While you won't be fighting 99 other players at the same time as exploring, you'll appreciate the forest biome that offers a woodland mansion, a shipwreck to explore off the coast, a ruined Nether portal, and a mountain range full of iron and emerald veins.

Cherry Blossom biome

Minecraft seed location screenshots

(Image credit: Future/Jen Allen)

Seed: 1861965201489179097

Check out this seed for a luscious cherry blossom biome. Part of the 1.20 update, it also offers a village nearby but ultimately, the selling point here is those ever-delightful cherry blossom trees. You can harvest them for cherry wood and cherry leaves or simply gaze on in wonder. There's an exposed ruined portal too.

Mountain valley villages

Minecraft seed location screenshots

(Image credit: Future/Jen Allen)

Seed: 460628901

Mountains are cool and these mountains are cool in every sense of the word. You spawn right in the middle of them with a village nearby. Plenty of dripstone is available both underground and out in the open with a dark oak forest near too, and plenty of other resources.

Desert village

Minecraft seed location screenshots

(Image credit: Future/Jen Allen)

Seed: 3546842701776989958

This seed packs a lot in. You get a desert village, a temple, an outpost, plus a shipwreck to explore too. Pillagers are everywhere so it's not an easy or relaxing seed to check out, but it's worth making the effort.

Ancient City

Minecraft seed location screenshots

(Image credit: Future/Jen Allen)

Seed: 4189766944005904899

Minecraft is about mining, right? That's what this Ancient City mineshaft provides in abundance. There are Wardens to deal with here but in exchange, you find an abandoned mineshaft which is also full of plenty of chests for looting. It won't be an easy task but it's certainly a satisfying adventure.

Villager spawn

Minecraft seed location screenshots

(Image credit: Future/Jen Allen)

Seed: 8015641954194115677

Want more village homes than you could possibly need? This villager spawn has over 25 homes in a luscious savannah-like biome. It's surrounded by water with a jungle also nearby the village. A plethora of chests continue to keep things interesting. Count on finding plenty of valuable resources if you search.

All biomes

Minecraft seed location screenshots

(Image credit: Future/Jen Allen)

Seed: 4405134068028

Want to check out a seed that has all the biomes possible and relatively near to each other? This is the seed for you. You won't have to spend too long travelling to find valuable resources or see just how varied Minecraft can be. The lack of thorough exploration may be off-putting for some but if you want to get a quick hit, this is a good seed to try.

Mushroom Newbie

Minecraft seed location screenshots

(Image credit: Future/Jen Allen)

Seed: 3832188667730420108

Starting out can be baffling so this seed is a good introduction. It offers a huge mushroom island that won't spawn hostile mobs so you can simply chill here. There's also a nearby desert village along with a jungle for collecting other resources. It's mostly pleasantly harmless although watch out for the desert temple.

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