The 10 best Minecraft servers 2024

Some key art from Minecraft showing player characters and animals on top of a hill
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It feels like it’s impossible to run out of Minecraft servers to check out which is great news but also incredibly intimidating. That’s why we’re here with a roundup of the best Minecraft servers. 

Each of the Minecraft servers below are an utter delight to check out, expanding your horizons and your imagination too. Of course, you could always set up your own through one of the best Minecraft server hosting services but for a quick fix, check out the best Minecraft servers that we’ve tracked down.

We regularly spend our time exploring the internet to track down the best Minecraft servers, focusing on those experiences that stand out from the crowd. These include servers that are perfect for explorers, builders, and those who want something a little different from the typical Minecraft experience. 

To join any of them, copy the Server IP Address listed next to them, and in Minecraft, go to multiplayer, click Add Server, and paste the text into the Server Address box.

Best Minecraft servers

  • Hypixel
  • Complex Gaming
  • Blockdrop Network
  • CatCraft
  • The Seed
  • Minewind
  • Purple Prison
  • WesterosCraft
  • WilderCraft
  • PirateCraft
  • The Hive
  • Minescape


Server IP address:

The most famous of Minecraft servers, reminds you that you don't really need any other games once you own Minecraft. It's vast and nothing less than high quality, with a wealth of original games for you and some friends to play. These include Murder Mystery where players take on the role of either a murderer, detective or innocent, in a very Among Us kind of way. Alternatively, there's Quakecraft which is basically a Minecraft-style take on the classic shooter, Quake. Purists may prefer something more Minecraftian, but it's impressive how many hours you can lose solely on Hypixel.

Complex Gaming

Server IP address:

You'll need to install Minecraft mods to get the most from Complex Gaming, but it's worth making the time. Like Hypixel, there's a vast selection of game modes here, from PvE to PvP and survival modes. A range of vanilla servers will suit purists, but we're most taken by a version of Pixelmon which means you can catch and trade Pokemon, consolidating two huge crazes all in one.  

Blockdrop Network

Server IP address:

Blockdrop Network is best known for Bedwars with players protecting their bed and destroying other people's in order to win -- seriously. However, something not to be overlooked is its City Life mode. The mode allows players to rent apartments, take on jobs, and effectively enjoy a form of Sims-style gaming within Minecraft. It's a highly entertaining deviation from the usual Minecraft options. 


Server IP address:

Love cats? Who doesn't?! CatCraft combines everyone's love of cute cats with Minecraft vanilla survival play. There are regular updates like the inclusion of StarCats -- an interstellar-based theme as well as seasonal additions too. Ultimately though, this is still a more traditional survival experience than you'd get elsewhere, and it's ideal if you want a fun community-focused survival server to explore. 

The Seed

Server IP address:

Bringing it back to Minecraft's core, The Seed is a satisfyingly chill vanilla survival server. There are a handful of mechanical changes, such as the ability to protect your construction builds from griefers, and the option to create a shop to sell and exchange goods with others, but it's mostly fairly pure. One nice addition is being able to partake in quests and its community is pretty good at having build competitions without being too full-on. 


Server IP address:

Everything feeling a little too nice for you? Connect to Minewind and all bets are off. As the rules explain, griefing is allowed although players are told to 'try to be nice...if you can'. The nature won't suit everyone but if you want a fairly vicious survival server, this is it. There are plenty of mobs keen to track you down along with aggressive players. Your mileage may vary depending on your patience but the hardcore server is quite luscious. 

Purple Prison

IP Server Address:

Purple Prison has you and others turned into prisoners and needing to stick together on the restrictive server. A black market economy adds a fun twist while you can also wager money in mini-games. After all, bartering and income is a core part of any dubious prison. There are dozens of mines to explore to make it less limiting, as well as a large Parkour course. Ultimately, it's an entertaining RPG server for someone who fancies a twist to the usual format. 


Server IP Address:

If you love to be creative and you can't get enough of Game of Thrones, you'll truly appreciate WesterosCraft. The server is slowly creating the continent of Westeros, and it's incredibly enjoyable exploring the streets of King's Landing. It's not complete, but it already offers over 400 locations and feels delightfully ambitious in scope. 


Server IP Address:

Not the biggest of servers, WilderCraft is potentially the nicest. Right from the start, it points out that it's there to be a fun community with helpful staff and a focus on a friendly attitude from all. It's much better-natured than most other survival servers and is an enjoyable place to check out when you want something calming from your sessions.


Server IP Address:

Fancy a dose of Sea of Thieves but with a Minecraft flare? PirateCraft is the survival server for you. It offers some impressively vast ships as well as ship-to-ship combat. It's a great reminder of how the building blocks of Minecraft can be used in such an inventive way. Building your own ship is satisfying before you check out new ports, while a player-driven economy works reasonably well. There's still room for build contests in your quest to work up the pirate ranks.

The Hive

Server IP address: (Also on the Minecraft Featured Server list)

Potentially, you only actually need to seek out The Hive and you’re all set. It’s big enough that people discuss which game is best within The Hive. There are survival games, hide and seek, a cool little game where you all compete to see what you can build in five minutes, and an endless treasure trove of options for every mood. The community keeps creating new ways to entertain and it’s a vibrant hub of imagination. A new recent addition -- Parkour Worlds  -- is a little bit special too. The only downside is that it solely works with Minecraft bedrock. 


Server IP address: (Java) (Bedrock)

To many, an MMORPG version of Minecraft is the dream and Minescape gets rather close to that utopia. Designed to be a lot like the popular free MMO, RuneScape, by reproducing the locations, mobs, and skills players are already used to. It’s regularly updated so there’s always something to do here and it’s a fun amalgamation of two popular titles. It’s possible to explore solo or alongside friends with extensive skills to master and PvP too if you feel like it.

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