We’ve finally reached a point where “anyone who wants a PlayStation 5 will be able to get one,” says Sony exec

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Eric Lempel, the SVP & Head of Global Marketing at Sony Interactive Entertainment, has been discussing all things PlayStation 5 in a new interview.

Talking to Barron’s, a major financial magazine, he revealed several interesting tidbits about the current trajectory of PS5 hardware sales and offered some insight into Sony’s wider strategy regarding the console’s software.

Asked about the numerous stock issues that plagued the early years of the PS5’s life, which saw eager players unable to get their hands on systems due to a combination of the Covid-19 pandemic and major chip shortages, Lempel offered words of reassurance.

“We've had consoles a bit here and there over the last three holidays,” he said, “but this is the first time we're in full supply and we're thrilled about that.” He went on to add that “we're excited that anyone who wants a PlayStation 5 will be able to get one” which sounds like fantastic news for those eager to bag a console deal during the upcoming Black Friday gaming deals.

Despite problems with stock, PS5 sales have been consistently high, reaching a total of 38.4 million units sold as of May 2023. Looking towards the future, Sony’s current “outlook on PlayStation 5 is really strong” and the company is currently gearing up for “one of the strongest seasons in our history in terms of console sales.”

In response to a question about the positive reception of many PS5-exclusive titles, including the likes of the brilliant Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Lempel outlined that Sony has an overall “focus on quality”, describing it as “what’s most important” when it comes to its games. 

He also commented on the backlash to the recent rise in the price of PS Plus subscriptions, suggesting that “a lot of consumers have recognized that there's a lot of value in PlayStation 5” and that the price rise was the result of a need “to adjust to market conditions.”

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