Walmart beats Prime Day to the punch with this staggering Nintendo Switch OLED discount

Nintendo Switch OLED deals
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You might not want to wait for Amazon Prime Day for Nintendo Switch OLED discounts - one of the best we've ever seen is already live at Walmart, so long as you don't mind it being a Japanese model.

Right now, you can pick up a Nintendo Switch OLED at Walmart for just $274 (was $349.99). That's a massive $75 saving that can then be saved for a game or two or a Nintendo Switch Online subscription should you desire.

One thing worth keeping in mind here is that this particular deal is for a Japanese console. However, as the Nintendo Switch OLED isn't region-locked, it'll still be compatible with US Nintendo Switch games and accounts. You may just need to head into the console's System Settings and change the language from Japanese to English, and you'll be good to go. It's also fulfilled by Walmart, so it's as trustworthy as any other official listing.

Fantastic Nintendo Switch OLED discount

Nintendo Switch OLED (Japanese): $349.99 $274 at Walmart

Nintendo Switch OLED (Japanese): was $349.99 now $274 at Walmart
This is one of the best prices we've seen for the Nintendo Switch OLED at Walmart. It's well worth jumping on if you're keen to avoid the Prime Day rush, and aren't too fussed about messing with language settings during the initial setup process.

Price check: Amazon - $349

While there's a strong likelihood of Prime Day Nintendo Switch deals during next week's Amazon Prime Day sales, consoles usually tend to sell through stock extremely quickly at the online retail giant during peak event times. As such, this current Walmart discount is worth considering if you'd prefer to avoid the Prime Day gaming deals rush.

While it's for a Japanese model, rest assured that Nintendo Switch games distributed to Western markets will still be compatible here as the console is not region-locked. And you'll be able to benefit from that gorgeous 7-inch OLED display in handheld mode as well as an enhanced 64GB of console storage.

Not in the US? Consider checking the list below to find the best Nintendo Switch OLED prices, ahead of Amazon Prime Day, in your region.

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