The 1TB Xbox Series S has received an absolutely massive discount

Xbox Series S 1TB Memorial Day sales
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The 1TB Xbox Series S is no stranger to steep discounts and has now received an absolutely huge price cut at Amazon in the US and UK.

Available for just $329.99 (was $379.99) at Amazon in the US, this $50 saving sees you snag the best version of Microsoft's all-digital console and an Xbox Wireless Controller. Although it's not the lowest price we've seen on the system, which has very occasionally dipped to $299 at Dell, it is the lowest-ever price we've encountered at Amazon US so far. The value here is pretty undeniable and you're getting a highly capable current-gen console with plenty of space for a remarkably affordable price.

You can find the 1TB Xbox Series S on sale for just £267.47 (was £299.99) at Amazon in the UK, too. This is a saving of £32.52 and a new lowest-ever price for the system. Considering that the 512GB Xbox Series S is currently selling for £249, you can literally double the storage capacity for just £18.47 extra. Trust me: with the cost of the official Storage Expansion Card, paying that little bit more for the 1TB version is going to be worth every penny.

Big savings on the Xbox Series S

Xbox Series S 1TB: $379.99$329.99 at Amazon

Xbox Series S 1TB: was $379.99 now $329.99 at Amazon
The black 1TB Xbox Series S is on sale for $50 off at Amazon in the US. This is excellent value and, while not quite as cheap as some offers at other retailers in the past, it is the lowest price that we have ever seen the console reach at the online retail giant. There are also strong savings at Amazon in the UK, where you can get the console for a new lowest-ever price. 

UK price: Amazon - £267.48

The Xbox Series S is comfortably Microsoft’s most affordable current-generation console right now. It is a very compact size but can still play all the same games as the far more expensive Xbox Series X. Just bear in mind that it targets a 1440p resolution rather than 4K. That said, it still offers an excellent gaming experience that is going to be more than sufficient for the vast majority of players.

If you're outside of the US or UK you can see some of the best Xbox Series S deals in your region below.

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