You can snag a PS5 DualSense controller for its lowest price since Black Friday right now thanks to the Days of Play sale

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The PlayStation Days of Play sale has brought about a bunch of discounts on a range of DualSense controllers in the UK,.

While prices haven't dropped to record lows, the price cuts here are still very chunky and definitely worthwhile. Almost the whole range is discounted at various retailers that you can check out below but there are a few highlights.

First, the standard white model is down to just £44.99 (was £59.99) at Amazon - this is the default controller to consider if you have got a PS5 in the original colourway, and is the lowest price for the pad since Black Friday. The same goes for the Midnight Black Dualsense too which is at the same price of just £44.99 (was £59.99) at Amazon.

For something more unusual, you can grab the stunning Volcanic Red pad for just £49.99 (was £65) at Argos, the bright Nova Pink controller for just £44.99 (was £59.99) at John Lewis, or make the most of a lowest-ever Amazon price on the DualSense Edge which has dropped to only £199 (was £209.99) at Amazon.

You can see even more deals below.

Big savings on the DualSense Wireless Controller

DualSense Wireless Controller:£59.99£44.99 at Amazon

DualSense Wireless Controller: was £59.99 now £44.99 at Amazon
This is a very tidy saving on the standard DualSense in its original white colourway and brings it down to the lowest price that we've seen since Black Friday.

DualSense Wireless Controller Midnight Black:£59.99£44.99 at Amazon

DualSense Wireless Controller Midnight Black: was £59.99 now £44.99 at Amazon
If you've been looking to team a new DualSense with a Black-plated PS5 then the Days of Play sale has you covered too with the Midnight Black pad dropping to the same price as the white one.

PlayStation DualSense Starlight Blue: £64.99 £44.99 at John Lewis

PlayStation DualSense Starlight Blue: was £64.99 now £44.99 at John Lewis
John Lewis has come in clutch for a few DualSense deals right now with the first being this excellent price also representing the lowest since Black Friday.

PlayStation DualSense Cosmic Red: £64.99 £44.99 at John Lewis

PlayStation DualSense Cosmic Red: was £64.99 now £44.99 at John Lewis
If you're after something on the red or burgundy spectrum then the Cosmic Red DualSense is a real beauty - especially at this price.

PS5 DualSense controller Nova Pink: £59.99 £44.99 at John Lewis

PS5 DualSense controller Nova Pink: was £59.99 now £44.99 at John Lewis
Perhaps the brightest DualSense of them all, this Nova Pink pad is now at a wonderfully discounted price thanks to Days of Play.

PS5 DualSense controller Grey Camo: £64.99 £49.99 at Very

PS5 DualSense controller Grey Camo: was £64.99 now £49.99 at Very
If you can see it, this is the very (hehe) best price on the Grey Camo DualSense in the UK right now. 

PS5 DualSense controller Galactic Purple: £64.99 £49 at Game

PS5 DualSense controller Galactic Purple: was £64.99 now £49 at Game
This is a striking shade of purple and is a terrific pad to add to the collection. It's a Game retail exclusive though, so that's your only option here.

DualSense Wireless Controller Cobalt Blue:£64.99£49 at Game

DualSense Wireless Controller Cobalt Blue: was £64.99 now £49 at Game
This is the DualSense I've got my eye on and at this price I may have to pull the trigger. A superb price on one of the newest and most attractive DualSense colourways right now.

PS5 DualSense controller Sterling Silver:£64.99£49.99 at Very

PS5 DualSense controller Sterling Silver: was £64.99 now £49.99 at Very
Also from the very recently released 'Deep Earth Collection', this Sterling Silver DualSense is a beautiful pad and has dropped below the 50-quid mark thanks to the Days of Play sale.

PS5 DualSense controller Volcanic Red: £64.99 £49.99 at Argos

PS5 DualSense controller Volcanic Red: was £64.99 now £49.99 at Argos
As an alternative to the Cobalt Blue and Sterling Silver, and from the same collection, this Volcanic Red one is extremely tasty! Offered now at great value too!

Lowest-ever price on the DualSense Edge

PS5 DualSense Edge controller: £209.99 £199 at Amazon

PS5 DualSense Edge controller: was £209.99 now £199 at Amazon
This is only a small saving, yes, but it's the best Amazon price we've seen on Sony's premium PS5 controller and could be enough to tempt folks who want the official pro or premium pad.

Not in the UK but on the lookout for a DualSense deal or discount? Check out the current deals being offered by retailers below, as found by our smart price-finding tech.

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