Those excellent PS Plus deals in the Cyber Monday PS5 sales have sadly ended - here are the lowest prices now

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Update: sadly it seems that Amazon has followed suit with Walmart and reverted these prices back to normal. You can check out the lowest, latest prices on PS Plus codes and cards below as well as check out the original Amazon deals as they were when we originally reported on them below.

In a world that's become used to zero discounts on PlayStation's subscription service since it had a restructure last year, we finally - finally - have some honest-to-god Cyber Monday PS Plus deals to tell you about this sales weekend. While these deals started off over at Walmart, we have updated this story to represent the next best place to get these which is over at Amazon.

As part of the Cyber Monday PS5 deals that are starting to come through the doors now, these are some of the most welcome. The crux of it is that there are 10% discounts on a bunch of Amazon's PS Plus cards and PS Store codes right now.

And, given you can make these discounts go even further due to discounts on each subscription level at the PS Store online, now is as good a time as ever to get more PS Plus for less - or get a cheaper upgrade.

Ever since the subscription service changed last year we really haven't seen any PS Plus deals like we used to. Gone are the days of saving big on dedicated PS Plus cards and codes, or finding great deals that bagged you extra months for free. Now, with it only being something paid for by PS Store credit, the dedicated deals have barely been in existence.


PS Plus $110 credit: now $99 at Amazon
Save $11 - A welcome 10% saving on this top-tier card, one that will help you get a long way toward a 12-month Premium or Extra sub, and more than cover you for an Extra sub.

Price check: Walmart - $110 | Best Buy - $110

Best UK deal: £100 at Amazon

PS Plus $70 credit: now $63 at AmazonSave $7

PS Plus $70 credit: now $63 at Amazon
Save $7 - The same 10% here and makes for a tidy saving on this 'mid-level' priced card will almost cover you for a year's worth of Essential and makes it a tempting proposition to pick up.

Price check: Walmart - $70 | Best Buy - $70

PS Plus $55 credit: now $49.50 at AmazonSave $5.50

PS Plus $55 credit: now $49.50 at Amazon
Save $5.50 - If you've got a budget of $50 and are looking for it to go as far as it can then this $55 card will do just that, bagging you a handful of extra dollars thanks to the discount.

Price check: Amazon - $55 | Best Buy - $55

PS Plus $30 credit: now $27 at AmazonSave $3

PS Plus $30 credit: now $27 at Amazon
Save $3 - This might even be more suited to a game, at this price, but whatever spend it on, hey, it's still 10% off.

Price check: Walmart - $30 | Best Buy - $30

Best UK price: £30 at Amazon

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Should I buy and do I need PS Plus?

It might look different in 2023, but PS Plus is still essential for PS5 (and PS4) owners. Crucially, it's the one thing that gets you online to play with your pals, but it'll also get you free games, exclusive PS Store discounts, and cloud storage at the very least too. The higher tiers will also get you game libraries to use and even free trials. And at the prices we're highlighting today, there's never a better time to stack your subscription or jump up to another tier.

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