Nintendo Switch Online is getting four new games today, including a Zelda game that was previously near-impossible to play

Nintendo Switch Online
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It's a great day to be a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber, as four highly-requested games are being added to the service "later today" as revealed at the June 18 Nintendo Direct.

Starting off, we have two Game Boy Advance games being added to the subscription service. The first is Metroid Zero Mission (perhaps foreshadowing the Nintendo Direct closing on Metroid Prime 4 Beyond's announcement). This is a fantastic remake of the NES original, fleshing out the world and providing an additional post-game campaign featuring Samus in her Zero Suit.

More importantly, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past's GBA port is also being added. This version is notable for including the original Four Swords game that was previously only playable with four copies of the game hooked up to a GBA link cable. Which basically means that in the modern day, it's practically impossible to play. Thankfully, NSO's online support should make teaming up with friends to experience this multiplayer Zelda title all the easier.

Perfect Dark, Metroid: Zero Mission and more join Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack! - YouTube Perfect Dark, Metroid: Zero Mission and more join Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack! - YouTube
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We're also getting two Nintendo 64 titles. The first is Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, an iconic N64 first-person shooter (FPS) notable in its day for its open-ended level design and gloriously creative weapons.

Lastly, the original Perfect Dark is being added to Nintendo Switch Online. The Rare-developed classic, much like Goldeneye 007, will support online play via the subscription service. Hopefully, this legendary title will also be able to run at a decent framerate as multiplayer on the original game is pretty hard to stomach by modern standards.

To access these new titles, you'll need to be on the Expansion Pack tier of Nintendo Switch Online, which is a little more expensive than the base version. However, these are some really solid additions that are definitely worth the extra cash.

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