The Victrix Pro FS is a superbly crafted fight stick that's $50 cheaper right now

Victrix Pro FS
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If you love playing fighting games competitively - whether that's online or at locals - you may have considered investing in a top-class fight stick for a more tailored experience. While fight sticks (unlike leverless controllers like the Hit Box) don't necessarily give you an advantage, they're seriously cool nonetheless.

That's where PDP comes in with this latest deal for the Victrix Pro FS. Right now, the popular PS5, PS4, and PC-compatible fight stick has seen a solid $50 discount, taking it down to $349.99 (was $399.99) at Amazon, specifically for the white colorway. It's not quite the record-low price we saw for the stick over last year's Black Friday sales event, but it's nonetheless a rare discount that we've not seen since March of this year.

Save on a top fight stick

Victrix Pro FS: $399.99$349.99 at Amazon

Victrix Pro FS: was $399.99 now $349.99 at Amazon
It's not quite a record-low price for this top-flight fight stick, but any savings are welcome off of its hugely premium price tag. The Victrix Pro FS sports luxurious build quality, best-in-class Sanwa Denshi modules and is a popular choice among tournament-level players.

The Victrix Pro FS packs a hefty price tag and you should only consider purchasing one if you regularly play some of the best fighting games and would like a purpose-built controller.

With that in mind, know that the Victrix Pro FS fills the 'best premium' spot in our best fight sticks buying guide. This is largely down to its phenomenal build quality and the use of best-in-class Sanwa Denshi buttons and modules, so you won't need to purchase those separately. Plus, like any good fight stick, the Pro FS is fully customizable, allowing you to swap out parts and apply faceplates should you desire. For more information, consider checking out our four-and-a-half star review for the Victrix Pro FS.

Or, if you'd prefer a play your fighting games on a controller, you might want to check out this deal for the Victrix Pro BFG, which shaves a tidy $30 off the high-end gamepad.

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