Fallout-themed Xbox Series X giveaway features a vault that's about four times the size of the console

Xbox Series X Fallout giveaway console
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft's latest Xbox Series X sweepstakes features a Fallout-themed vault that probably won't fit in most folks' gaming setups.

The giveaway has been put together in order to promote the upcoming Fallout TV show, coming to Amazon Prime Video on April 11. It features a custom Xbox Series X (and unlike the Final Fantasy 14 giveaway, it looks like this one will actually work) and Xbox Wireless Controller, both sporting some rather lovely Fallout designs.

But the thing that really sets this giveaway apart is the colossal Fort Knox-branded vault that can be used to store the console and its gamepad. Going off the screenshot alone, this lockable obelisk looks to be about four times the size of the Xbox Series X console.

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Locked in

As with previous Xbox console giveaways, there's only one of these up for grabs and it can't be bought separately. To enter, you must be over 18 years of age and follow the instructions outlined in the tweet above. Unfortunately, the sweepstakes is only open to US residents.

These (extremely) limited edition Xbox giveaways are certainly getting a bit more ambitious. While the Final Fantasy 14 console was a bit of a misstep as it was purely for ornamental purposes (that giveaway also included a separate standard Xbox Series X console to play on), the design was nonetheless quite interesting and thematically appropriate for the game.

I think that by and large, most of these custom Xbox consoles have been pretty garish, especially those Wonka and Barbie variants. For this Fallout giveaway, I'm really digging the simple yet stylish Vault Boy iconography to the point where I could see it blending nicely with my gaming setup. The massive vault may be a touch too much, though. 

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