You can win an incredible Final Fantasy 14 Xbox Series X - but it doesn't actually work

Final Fantasy 14 Xbox Series X bundle
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft is currently running a sweepstake competition for an absolutely stunning Final Fantasy 14-inspired console bundle that features an attractive Xbox Series X and custom Xbox Wireless Controller - but there’s a massive catch.

Buried in the competition’s lengthy terms and conditions, eagle-eyed entrants have spotted that the console bundle in question isn’t actually functional at all. In the section outlining prize details, the “custom-designed Final Fantasy 14 Xbox Series X console bundle” is described as entirely “non-functional” and “to be used as an art piece” rather than playing games. 

Bizarrely, the winner will also receive a separate Xbox Series X console bundle - presumably one that works. This comes alongside a copy of the Final Fantasy 14 Online Collector’s Edition and one 12-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership so they'll have no shortage of games to play. In total, Microsoft estimates that the combined retail value of the prize is $1,319.93 USD.

This inevitably raises the question of what exactly the winner is supposed to do with their non-functional Final Fantasy 14 Xbox Series X. Perhaps it's meant to sit and collect dust on a shelf in their gaming cave, or maybe take pride of place on a nice plinth in their living room.

Either way, while this revelation is undeniably a little disappointing, it does make some sense. Judging by the more abstract design of the console, which features a custom golden base and a bed of glowing blue crystals, it would have probably been tricky to pull off the same effect while maintaining the system's full functionality. 

Still, I'm left wondering whether the custom Xbox Wireless Controller, which looks fairly standard aside from a unique graphic print on its face plate, is also just a prop.

If you want to take a shot at winning this strange prize, the competition is currently running over at Twitter / X. Users can enter by following both the official Xbox and Final Fantasy 14 accounts and reposting the original announcement post with the hashtag ‘XboxFFXIVSweepstakes’.

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