There are 35 free password managers in the world - and I've tracked them all

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  • April 4th 2023: Added pCloud Pass, Synology C2 and Uno

Free password managers are one of the easiest ways to protect your identity, and by extension your personal data which is why all the major tech companies (Google, Microsoft, Apple) have released password managers for their own audiences.

This is great if you want something simple and straightforward, but what if you want a bit more control and compatibility across platforms?

Well you can try some alternative password managers, and as of April 2023, there are 35 totally free password managers, with the majority based in the US. 

The number of password managers that cost nothing has been stable with plenty of newcomers - some more resilient and trustworthy than others - and some that have exited the market completely because of competition.

Some of them are totally free, some of them are trial versions but most of them come with some restrictions (e.g. limited number of devices supported, premium features disabled, limit on the number of passwords stored etc.).

What's great though is that you can download all of them for free and try them before you make up your mind to commit your hard earned cash to a premium version should you want to do so.

Dashlane Premium

<a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Dashlane is the best password manager of 2024
It comes with all the functionality you'd expect from the best: VPN, one-click password importer, dark web monitoring and encrypted cloud storage.

While there’s dozens of other free password managers, I’ve searched for them all. If I have missed any of them, feel free to contact me on Twitter or via email on Likewise, if any of these free password managers no longer exist or offer their free or trial versions, nudge me and I’ll update the list. 

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Keeper SecurityTrialYes2022-10-314.5
Trend Micro Password ManagerTrialYes2022-04-194
Zoho VaultYesYes2022-11-034
Norton Password managerYesYes2022-11-073.5
Password BossTrialYes2022-11-073.5
Sticky PasswordYesYes2022-11-043.5
Kaspersky Password ManagerYesYes2022-11-083
aWallet Password ManagerYesNoRow 19 - Cell 3 Row 19 - Cell 4
Firefox Password ManagerYesNoRow 20 - Cell 3 Row 20 - Cell 4
Google Password ManagerYesNoRow 21 - Cell 3 Row 21 - Cell 4
iCloud KeychainYesNoRow 22 - Cell 3 Row 22 - Cell 4
Microsoft AuthenticatorYesNoRow 23 - Cell 3 Row 23 - Cell 4
PassboltYesNoRow 24 - Cell 3 Row 24 - Cell 4
Password Depot for AndroidYesNoRow 25 - Cell 3 Row 25 - Cell 4
Password SafeYesNoRow 26 - Cell 3 Row 26 - Cell 4
Password Safe and ManageryesNoRow 27 - Cell 3 Row 27 - Cell 4
UnoYesNoRow 28 - Cell 3 Row 28 - Cell 4
Synology C2YesNoRow 29 - Cell 3 Row 29 - Cell 4
Password SaverYesNoRow 30 - Cell 3 Row 30 - Cell 4
pCloud PassYesNoRow 31 - Cell 3 Row 31 - Cell 4
PsonoYesNoRow 32 - Cell 3 Row 32 - Cell 4
Soft-oYesNoRow 33 - Cell 3 Row 33 - Cell 4
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